Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Morning at our House

Christmas was SUCH A BLAST this year with our girls!! Both of them were so sweet, adorable, and very excited! The first picture is of the girls opening up their stockings!! They are sitting at the new table and stools that "Santa" brought for them. (a BIG hit) I love how you can see Matt video taping in this shot = )

Our 2 Sweet girls!! I love watching them together! Michaela always tries to help Madelin do stuff and learn new things, and Madelin is always excited to listen to what Michaela is teaching her!

Note: Madelin isn't wearing her Christmas PJ's. She got them dirty, so they had to come off for a bit, but you will see them on her later.

Princess gifts were a huge hit with both girls this year!!

Sisters: always there to help out.

Tutu's were another BIG HIT with the girls. As soon as they opened a tutu, they had to put them on! I LOVE how the girls love to "sport" crazy, girly, princess outfits!!

Below, Madelin is counting her new Princesses!! She loves to line them up, all in a row. Why? Because that is what Michaela LOVES to do too = )

Christmas was WONDERFUL!

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Mom said...

Yes Christmas was wonderful.....those are two wonderful little girls that we have.
I love you,