Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday, Dec 19th's Snow Storm (20 inches)

Michaela couldn't wait to go play in the Snow! Thanks, Daddy, for driving out while it was still snowing to buy the girls some proper Snow gear, so we could all enjoy the Snow! You are an AWESOME Daddy! (PS: the girls LOVED their snow boots and pants)

Michaela "helping" Daddy shovel the snow on our sidewalk...Mommy and Pappy bought MJ this little shovel last year, and we finally get to use it! Thanks, guys.

And Below, Madelin is taking her turn on the sled! She LOVED the snow, but didn't stay out as long as MJ did. Madelin and Mommom went in first, because Madelin kept saying, "I cold, Mommom."

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