Monday, December 14, 2009

One Saturday in December

This past Saturday, we had a great, family day! We lounged around together in the morning, reading books and baking cookies. Above, Michaela is ready a library book to Matt. We found these Word Bird books at our library and Michaela LOVES them. They are books for beginning readers and she does a GREAT job reading the story to us. We can't wait to get more, when we return these.

Below, you see the girls peeking at our Gingerbread Cookies in the oven. This is our 2nd year making them together as a family and we LOVE it!!

While we waited for the cookies, we played with the Train set. This was the first year we put it under our tree and I must say, it is a GREAT addition to our Christmas fun. Daddy LOVES it and so do the girls! I LOVE watching them play with it. As you can see here, Michaela enjoys giving the princesses rides on the train...SO MUCH FUN! The train will now be up EVERY YEAR!

Below, Madelin is sitting at our "new" reading table in the kitchen. I say "new" because this table used to sit on our patio out back, but now that it is too cold to use it outside, and with both girls being old enough to sit at it, we brought it in and LOVE it! We keep our library books there and the girls LOVE reading there, coloring there, and just sitting there talking is GREAT.

And here are our GINGERBREAD MEN!!! They are just as delicious as they were last year!

After all that, we went to Emma's house to hang out with some of our friends there! Below, the girls are wearing fun face masks...from left to right, it is Michaela, Madison, and Emma.

What a GREAT day!

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