Sunday, December 06, 2009

A New Tradition!!

We started a new tradition this that I have been wanting to do for a while, but had to wait until the girls got a little older, and one that we will SO do again! We went to Lancaster, PA on Friday, just Matt and I, and spent the night, and then did all our Christmas shopping up there and in one day!! It was GREAT. Mom and Dad kept the girls...THANK YOU SO MUCH!! (We really do appreciate how awesome you are to all 4 of us!!)

We lounged around the fabulous hotel, enjoying the indoor pool and hot tub, as well as the King suite that Matt booked!! We stayed at the Fulton Steamboat Inn and it couldn't have been more perfect. A direct route from our house, taking us only about 1 hr and 15 min. to get to and right across the street from the MANY outlets in Lancaster. We plan to stay there again and again!

Shopping was GREAT. We had it all planned out: A budget in mind, a list of who to buy for, plus some already thought out ideas of what to buy. It was so stress free knowing that we had NO girls to lug in and out of stores, strollers, and vehicles, and knowing that in one trip and one babysitting lined up, we would be finished!!

We completed what we set out to do....have a mini get away and knock out Christmas shopping! Thanks babe for setting this up for us to enjoy! I love you!!

Note about the picture...I wanted a shot of us, but it is very difficult to take one of me and Matt and with the height difference, get us BOTH in, Matt's head is a little cut off...oh well =)


Anonymous said...

I love the dreamy look you both have in your eyes! Feels good to have all your shopping done, doesnt it?
Love, Grandma in San Diego

The Stafford Crew said...

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!! Can you send it to me via walgreens in Enterprise.... Dont have a recent one of you and the family to frame... and maybe one from your selection of Amber's photos too!! I love you all!!!
Aunt Kim