Thursday, December 31, 2009

Michaela's Pre-school Christmas Program!

Michaela did SUCH a GOOD job singing with her class for their Christmas Program. Her class sang Mele Kalikimaka. Above, Michaela is with her teacher, Mrs. Norris. Michaela picked out this green flower dress to wear, because she wanted to look Hawaiian and I put her hair with a beautiful flower clip in it, and she looked GREAT!

Michaela did all the motions with the song, sang all the words, and smiled all the way through it. We were all just BEAMING with pride watching her!

For the Finale, all the classes (3's and 5's) came out to display the Nativity scene and sing some Christmas songs. Michaela's class were the sheep.

This is the face that MJ made when I first got her attention to look my way for a picture...I JUST LOVE her personality. She fits in well with our crazy, silly crew!

After the silly face, she gave me her beautiful smile!

Michaela, you did a GREAT job and Mommy, Daddy, Madelin, Mommom, Pappy, and Aunt Judy were SO PROUD of you!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you bunches!!


Mom Mom said...

Michaela did such a great job....she looked just like she was actually in Hawaii....this was such a fun night. I loved how the school combined the fun side of Christmas with the Holy side of Christmas. Michaela, you did such a great job of being a Hula girl and being a sheep at Jesus' birth. I was very proud of you. You are one smart, pretty and talented little girl.
I love you,
Mom Mom


The Azevedo Family said...

Awww, Michaela is such a cutie! I was so bummed that, with the move, Skylar wasn't involved in her school's program this year. Hey, just wanted you to be the first to know:!!!! It's still a work in progress...Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Michaela, you look beautiful in your hawaiin dress and bet you did a good job dancing with the music. Wish I could have seen you. I will soon. Love GG in California