Saturday, November 21, 2009

Michaela's Thanksgiving Pre-school Meal

(Michaela is on the Front row, 3rd from the right in Purple!)

This past Wednesday, Michaela's preschool had a special Thanksgiving Chapel. The parents were invited to attend and hear the children sing and then we all enjoyed lunch together. The first picture is the Turkey handprint that MJ made in school. It was part of the table setting, which made it so special. The second picture is of MJ's class singing their Thanksgiving Song,which MJ has been singing non-stop at home =) (This picture is terrible, but all I got...I SO need a new camera!) The third picture is of me and my growing up way too quickly, sweet as can be, Michaela!!!

Below is a video of the last bit of them singing and then every kid says what they are thankful for. In case you can't understand MJ, she said that she was thankful for Mommom and Pappy letting her spend the night! (It is really going to annoy Matt that this video isn't centered on the Blog, but he isn't home right now and I can't figure it out...Oh well.)

Enjoy the video...Click play below to watch it!

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Mom Mom said...

I am glad that you girls had fun on turkey day at school. I remember when Mom Mom and Pop Pop used to go to school and see Melissa, Matthew, Robert and David at their Thanksgiving dinners. I am very thankful for all the good memories and for all the ones being created now. I love you,
Mom, Mom Mom