Thursday, November 19, 2009

Columbia, California...aka Matt's Rocks!

Matt kept talking about how he wanted to take the girls to this place his family visited often when he as little. After digging up his old memories, he finally recalled that the place was near Jamestown, CA, and it was an old Gold mining town, called Columbia. He remembered these HUGE rocks that he loved to climb as a child.

So, on Tuesday, we went to visit Columbia with his Grandmother and Aunt Twila. We kept teasing him that these rocks he remembered were going to be so small to him now that he was older...Boy, were we wrong!! The rocks were HUGE and we enjoyed climbing on them, just like Matt did when he was younger.

After rock climbing, we strolled down the old Main Street and ate lunch at the local old fashioned saloon. We even had Sassparilla (spelling?) to drink. MJ loved it as seen below!!

Matt was thrilled to take his family back to a place that his parents took him to as a child!

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Marlene said...

How fun is this! So nice to read about your California adventures :)