Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas at Grandma Pat's!!

While in California, Grandma Pat surprised us all with an early Christmas celebration. The Girls were SO EXCITED. (Pat is the most thoughtful person and so sweet...we love you!) Pat had a tree set up and presents for the girls. It was so special to open up Grandma's gift with Grandma Pat right there with us!

As you can see, the girls LOVED their gifts. Grandma Pat got them each an awesome play cell phone with a recorded message from her, so they can listen to her voice anytime!! What a special gift!!

I think Grandma Pat enjoyed watching the girls open their gifts as much as they enjoyed opening them!! It was a so special for us to celebrate our own Christmas with Grandma Pat!

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Beautiful pictures, said...

Thank you for sharing all of the pictures from your trip. How, I have enjoyed them.

Grandma Pat was so sweet to have an early Christmas for Madelin and Michaela. I think all of Matt's family is soooo nice. It's difficult living so far away but somehow it makes times like these the best!

Have a wonderful week preparing for Thanksgiving.
Love, Aunt Mary Ann