Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday at Longwood Garden

This Black Friday, I decided to take the girls to Longwood Garden to see all the beautiful Christmas trees. (Mom and Dad were busy buying and setting up their new HUGE TV, and Matt was busy working, so it was just me and my lovely daughters!)

We couldn't wait to see all the "ra-ra-rees" (as Madelin calls Christmas trees.) The tree shown here was decorated/planned/and organized by our dear friend, Roger (Emma's dad from The Davis Family...Emma is MJ's really good friend). Michaela couldn't wait to see Roger's Butterfly tree!! Butterfly's have been a big part of the Longwood experience this year, with the Butterfly release earlier this fall. This tree had Beautiful Butterflies decorating it and the butterflies were mechanical, so their wings fluttered at random times. It was Magnificent!!

I took a shot of just the tree in hopes that you would be able to see the butterflies. We can't wait to go back and show this to Mommom, Pappy, and Daddy!

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