Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beyer 99 Reunion!

Our first evening in California, Matt and I went to his 10 year High School Reunion. The event was 7-midnight...which was 10-3 am our time!! We had a blast and amazingly we weren't too tired either =) There was a photo booth for all to enjoy, which we obviously did. I was so glad that it was there because in the rush of getting everything ready for the event (Matt was on the planning committee) we left our camera, so these are the only pictures we have.

Matt introduced me to SO many of his old friends from high school and it was so nice hearing them all reminisce about the crazy things they did. Several people told me that I had a Great guy and that Matt was a great catch...I couldn't agree more!!

When it was time to dance...let's just say I am not convinced that California knows how to Party! (Matt and I were the only ones dancing) At least we had fun =)

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Anonymous said...

The BEST LOOKING couple. Looks like you were having a good time.
Grandmother Hamerdinger