Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We LOVE ELLA and the MONKEY!!!!

My Aunt Mary Ann is the owner and designer of Ella and the Monkey. Check out her site here. She is such a CREATIVE and LOVELY person. She mailed the girls a package of her BEAUTIFUL pieces....and WE LOVE THEM!! Madelin has worn her hat a LOT. I keep both hats in our diaper bags, so I can put them on the girls often. I just love the two of them in their hats together (I WILL get a picture of them both for you all to enjoy, for now, this is all I have). Michaela was THRILLED to see that Aunt Mary Ann sent her a Giraffe shirt and the first thing she said when she opened it was, "My favorite animal and Mommom's favorite animal too...I LOVE giraffes!!" I can't say enough about the shirts and hats...they are PERFECT and we are so very thankful for them. Aunt Mary Ann, you are very talented and we love you!!

(I will post more pictures of them in their outfits soon)


so happy!, said...

Oh, thank you, thank you for the nice complements!
I loved making a few items for Madelin and Michaela. Madelin looks gorgeous in her hat! I would Love to see a photo of them together.
I am thrilled that you liked everything. I'll have do something else as another surprise!
Give those two special little girls hugs and hugs from me.
Love to All of You,
Aunt Mary Ann

rebecca said...

I am amazed by how talented and creative my Mom is! Madelin is as cute as can be in her pink flower hat. I am so happy that Michaela was excited to receive her giraffe shirt. Thank you so much for your nice post about my Mom.