Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Night on the Town for Judy's Wedding!!!!

This last Saturday, we had a WONDERFUL time at a Black Tie wedding in Philadelphia. I borrowed this skirt from Erica...(thanks, girl you rock) and really LOVED it. The skirt was comfortable and I received so many compliments on the outfit. While I LOVED the outfit, I had to laugh inside knowing how this outfit came to happen on a whim. The week before at my hair apt, I asked a friend if she had anything for this type of event...hence, I got the skirt. Then, two days before the wedding, I was in a "large" dressing room at the mall with 4 kids, 4 and under, two strollers, TONS of black shirts, and a VERY GOOD friend. Through all this dressing room chaos, we managed to find the perfect shirt for this event. (you can't see from the pictures, but the shirt has a sexy cut out circle in the back.) The shoes, which you will see a picture of farther down, I received from a friend who was getting rid of them and they were SO PRETTY that I took them and wanted them, even if I never had a place to wear them. So, the outfit ROCKED and I will always remember "throwing" it together. PS: Erica, you might have to fight me to get this skirt back...I LOVE IT!!!

My Beautiful and FUN parents...or as Matt called them that night, James Bond and his Girl!! We had a great time dancing with my parents on the Dance Floor! I am so glad that they always know how to have a GOOD TIME!!!

These shoes were made for this skirt and simply beautiful! I had to take a picture of them.

Me, Judy, and Anna...Me with 2 of my FAVORITE people! Judy was absolutely STUNNING as a Bride!! Judy, I enjoyed every moment celebrating your Wedding day!!

These 2 Ladies are so INSPIRING and such A-Class women...I am so BLESSED to have them as friends!! I love you both!

Beautiful Anna and her charming husband, Jesper. Matt and I really enjoyed the fact that at this event, we had a lot of time to hang out with Jesper. While we have hung out with him before, this time it seemed to be extra special. I left the wedding smiling knowing that Anna has truly found a life-partner that is (just about) as wonderful and Dazzling as herself. (Jesper, not many come close to Anna, so that is saying a lot =) ) You two are perfect for each other! We can't wait to hang out again.

The Bride and Groom, Judy and Andrew, cutting their wedding cake. This wedding was a SPECTACULAR event and EVERYTHING was FIRST CLASS...even the napkins in the bathroom were monogrammed with their initials. Judy and Andrew, we wish you ALL the Happiness and Love and Health together as a couple. We can't wait to go on a double date once you two get settled in. We LOVE you BOTH!!

PS: Mandi, thanks for watching our girls...I can't tell you how grateful I am to know that we left them with someone who we know LOVES them. They had a BLAST with you!! Girl, you are the BEST!!

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Mom said...

I am so glad that when Melissa had to change high school for her junior and senior year that God blessed her with these two great girls to have as friends.