Friday, October 30, 2009

MJ's Halloween Parade at Pre-school

Today, Michaela's pre-school had a Halloween parade. Michaela wore her Cinderella tiara, dress, and shoes. She looked magnificent in the light blue outfit! She waved the ENTIRE time and lit up when she found Madelin and me in the crowd. I was the only parent that yelled out...I said "Michaela, Hey there pretty girl." I got a few looks, but oh well, that is who I am and Michaela LOVED it!! When it comes to my children, nothing I do for them embarrasses me!

After the parade, each class posed for a group shot, as seen in the first picture. Her teacher, Mrs. Norris, was a Dentist (hence the face mask) and the assistant teacher, Mrs. McDonald wore Butterfly wings. Michaela had a GREAT time at school today and I am SO glad that I stayed for the parade to see her.


Unknown said...

Wow, impressive that you got this up already! I know this other chick with a blog...she like stop posting for a month and then promised fall pics and nothing since, maybe you could teach her a trick or two? =)

rebecca said...

Hi Michaela. You are a standout in your beautiful blue costume!! Your parade looked like so much fun. I'm so glad Mommy and Madelin were there to see you! What a treat.

Happy Halloween.