Monday, October 19, 2009

MJ's Birthday Party at Pump it Up!!!

We had Michaela's Birthday party at PUMP IT UP!!! It was a BLAST! You have the whole place, just for your party!! So, that was GREAT! There were 2 rooms of different types of inflatables that the kids and adults could do!! Then, there was a party room at the end with pizza and cupcakes and PRESENTS!! Michaela was super excited to have her friends and family join her for this fun event!! The first picture is of my Dad and Madelin going down the slide!!

Going up one of the slides!!

Mommom and Madelin and cousin Kevin in the background playing Air hockey!

MJ and Tommy

Mommom and MJ on one of the slides!!

Eating Pizza!!

Natalie waving to the camera.

Opening up her presents!! Michaela had such a good time. After the party, our family all headed back to the house to relax and hang out. We LOVE our friends and family!!!


Infarrantly Creative said...

I love that our mom goes down the slides with your kids. That is what Grandmas should be like. Tim's mom does the same thing!

Mom Mom said...

This was the best party. The kids were so so entertained that the adults got to have a lot of fun too. The best thing was that we did not have to clean up. Those cupcakes your Mommy made were great. Michaela, thanks for a great great party. We love you,
Mom Mom and Pappy too