Saturday, October 24, 2009

Michaela's First Field Trip!!

This past Wednesday, Michaela went on her first field trip. Her preschool went to Ramsey Farm. She was SO excited about this and the fact that Pappy was taking off of work to go with her. The picture above is of Michaela and Natalie standing in line at school waiting to leave.

They went on a Hay ride.

Went through a Corn Maze.

Michaela, you are such a CUTIE PIE!!

Michaela's class working through the maze!

Michaela and Pappy with their pumpkins!!

The two of them came home with MANY stories about their special time together. After the field trip, Pappy took MJ out to lunch and then shopping. I am SO glad that they had a blast. Sorry, Dad for dressing MJ in layers...I know it made ALL the bathroom breaks a lot more difficult, but at least she was warm and prepared =) MJ is so blessed to have YOU as her PAPPY!! Thanks for being a great PAPPY and DAD! We love you!

(Note: THANKS Grandma Pat for Michaela's coat!!! She LOVES it and takes it to pre-school every time she goes.)


rebecca said...

What a special day for Michaela and her Pappy!! These pictures are so sweet and Michaela definitely is a cutie pie!! This farm looks like the perfect place to spend a beautiful fall day together.


Anonymous said...

Michaela, you are the cutest pumpkin in the patch. You will always be my "Peter Peter Punkin Eater". I love you,
Mom Mom