Saturday, October 31, 2009

BVBC Fall Festival Party

Mommom helping Natalie stuff a Scarecrow at BVBC's Fall Festival Party last night. Nemo in the background is Ben, Natalie's brother, and Madelin is the Cow to the left. We had such a GREAT time making our own Scarecrow!! We can't wait to make one next year.

Michaela being silly, wearing the Scarecrow's hat!

Madelin got tired of being a Cow, so when MJ took her tiara off to put on the Scarecrow hat, Madelin grabbed the tiara to be "Re-ra" for a minute. ("Re-ra" is how Madelin says Cinderella)

Pappy and Matt holding up our finished Scarecrow! We LOVE him and think he looks great on our front steps!

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rebecca said...

Ooooooooo! We LOVE your scarecrow. What a great idea! We are so glad that you enjoyed your Halloween together. The girls look so cute all dressed up!