Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"PEE-PO!!" :: Madelin's word for Markers! She LOVES to color and will ask me about 10 times per day to color. Everytime we walk past the cabinet in the kitchen with the markers and such, she excitedly asks and gets pretty upset if I say "No."

The girls LOVE to color together, which has been a big help for me to get dinner cooked and such with them both occupied with markers, paper, each other, and their imaginations!! The only problem is that Madelin often likes to color on other places than just the paper. She will color her arm, leg, face, and really whatever...I tell her and tell her not to do this...I so hope she quickly stops doing this.


Mom said...

I think maybe she is saying "paper". But who knows. She does like to color though. It is a great way to get them busy so you can get some work done. Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Madelin, you look sooooooooooooo much like your Uncle Matthew! Bet he would color with you!

Karen Patterson said...

Hey, I'm not Anonymous, I'm Karen Patterson! Hi MJ and Madelin!