Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Michaela Goes to Pre-School :: First Day ::

I love you, Michaela June!! I am SO VERY PROUD of you!!

Daddy's Little Girl


I still can't believe that Michaela is now in Pre-school. She was SO excited to go to school! She got right up and moving. I love how she has Doggy in her photos. (she knew he would stay in the car and wait for her)!

Last night, Mommom and Pappy came over and we had a fashion show to make sure Michaela's outfit worked for her first day! Well, this morning, she informed me that she decided she wanted to wear something else. She changed her mind. I let it go. No big deal. I really liked the dress she chose...the Green looked GREAT with her eyes.

More pictures and posts later...I am tired after this Big Important Day we had...It was great!


greetings from Vermont, said...

I have so enjoyed seeing all the pretty pictures of your family throughout the Summer.

Dear Michaela,
I hope that you always love everything about school!

Dear Madelin,
It will be fun for you to have some Daddy and Mommy time while your sister is in school. Just think of all the new sister moments you can share now!

Sending you down all of my best Love,
Aunt Mary Ann

Mom Mom said...

Michaela, I am so proud of you. Thank you so much for calling me as soon as preschool was over and telling me all about it. I am glad that you loved your first day, your teacher and all of your new friends. Thank you for telling me about calendar time, story time, and gym time. School is cool. I love you,
Mom Mom