Monday, September 14, 2009

Longwood's Butterfly Release!!!

"That was the BEST thing I have ever done!"
(by Michaela Ousdahl)
(Photo by Matt Ousdahl)

The previous quote is how Michaela described Longwood's Butterfly release that we went to on Saturday. She was right too...It was AMAZING!! We ALL LOVED it!!

This gentleman owns a Butterfly farm and brought a great exhibit to the Garden for the children to enjoy. They had a craft for the children. lady bugs to hold, worms to hold also, (GROSS!) (Michaela held one! It was all I could do to NOT freak out.) We learned all about GOOD bugs that help our gardens and BAD bugs that hurt our garden.

The event ended with us watching dozens of Butterfly's being released into the sky. It was MAGICAL! I just LOVE butterflies!

After the release, many butterflies hung around exploring this new environment. They were very friendly. The girls LOVED walking around and finding a butterfly perched on a leaf, tree, or flower. They were running through the grass chasing the butterflies trying to catch one! Michaela caught several and was ever so GENTLE with them. In the picture above, MJ carefully grabbed the butterfly off the ivy and this leaf thing came with it. She LOVED examining it.

We enjoyed walking the garden and finding different butterflies to take pictures of! It was such an awesome experience.

Matt helped lift Michaela up so she could cup this butterfly. The butterfly sat in MJ's hand for a little bit and then flew off.

We will ALWAYS remember this event and we hope Longwood does it again for us to enjoy!!!

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Unknown said...

Great wish I went! Love that she got to hold one.