Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Linvilla Orchards

You can't really tell from the pictures I took, but this past Saturday was all about Apples! We went to Linvilla Orchards to celebrate Johnny Appleseeds Birthday. Linvilla was BUSY, but it was SUPER fun. We had Apple Cider doughnuts, danced, played at their park, tasted MANY different apples with YUMMY dips, fed some birds, chatted with friends, and enjoyed the crisp Fall weather!! The girls sat with Dora for a quick picture! They were both excited.

Madelin LOVES apples and eats them about every day, so she really enjoyed this event. At the taste testing, I tasted a new apple for me, the Honeycrisp Apple...it is Hands down my FAVORITE Apple. We came home with a basket of them for us to enjoy!!


Unknown said...

Lanvilla was fun! Too cool that they got to see Dora...guess that comes with showing up on time. =)

Love the pic of Madelin...hmm, background looks familiar! =)

Grandma Hamerdinger said...

The girls are growing soooooooo fast. I look at all of the pictures, the only way to keep up with all that you are doing. Kim said that you might be coming to Modesto this month for a reunion. If you do let me know and I will fly up there and have breakfast or lunch with you.
Love California Grandma