Friday, September 04, 2009

A Beautiful September Day

Michaela, you are a Beautiful Girl!! I love your Sparkly Blue eyes, your Expressiveness, your Sweet voice, your love of Dance, your Imagination, and all of the things that make you, You!!

You still LOVE your Animals!!! Michaela has LOVED stuffed animals since birth practically. Here she has, Baby Belle, Pluto, Doggy, and Lovey. She wanted me to take her picture with them! She was taking them ALL over the backyard...she was their Mommy and they were her children!

Wearing Mommy's shoes!!

I so enjoyed this afternoon. Madelin was napping and the weather was GORGEOUS, so MJ and I brought this quilt outside and enjoyed laying down on it together. She was up and down the whole time: playing some and resting some with me. I was down the whole was GREAT!

My eldest daughter resting peacefully in the shade, with the Sun peeking out on her face!

Michaela, I pray that you always rest in the Shadow of the Almighty, and in doing so you will find PEACE and have God's love and Grace shining on you! May you always live for Jesus.

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