Wednesday, September 09, 2009

1st Day of Pre-school Eve

I had the table all set up for Michaela's SPECIAL DAY: Her 1st Day of Pre-school!!! I had everything all ready the night before for MJ. This is what she saw in the morning. I made her a special card out of her favorite papers and such! She was able to read it all by herself. She really liked the card and kept reading it over and over! (We put it in her bookbag to take with her to class...I think this helped me more than it probably did her. It comforted me to know that while she was away, she could still have a little bit of Mommy with her from the card I made her.)

She was so excited to have the Special Red Plate to eat breakfast off of! If you can see, I wrote her a letter that I read out loud to her during breakfast. I plan to put this in her Scrapbook for her to read years later.

I cried as I prayed with her and tucked her in. Good tears.

All I can say is that this day came very quickly!

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