Saturday, August 01, 2009

We found DOGGY!!!!!!

Home Sweet Home!! Doggy is Back Home and we are ALL so Happy! We lost Doggy about a month or so ago. I was pretty sure that we left it at Natalie's least, that is the last time I remember seeing MJ with doggy. Anyway, Joy and I looked ALL over their house and backyard and we couldn't find it. Then, tonight, while we were hanging with them, Jake says, "Hey, I think we have another one of your dogs at our house." (Note: MJ left "Mommy Doggy" at their house a while back.) I was so excited and then saw Mike's eyes of concern as he explained that doggy looked pretty rough and had been left outside. (which is where I last saw MJ with him...jumping on their trampoline with doggy.) I was just happy to know he was safe and that we could keep him to show Michaela years later =) Anyway, they go get doggy for us, and show him to us and I had to laugh because doggy looked EXACTLY the same!! (Mike didn't realize HOW LOVED doggy was to begin with.) Michaela's face LIT up with happiness when she saw her FAVORITE ANIMAL!! We put Doggy in the washer and promised MJ that we would put him in her bed with her, once he was all clean. I had to take this picture of her sleeping with Doggy!

I am SO glad that the Cronauer's found Doggy for us!!!! Welcome home Doggy!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

I just got out of bed (1:15) can't sleep maybe out of GUILT?????? We went through the same thing with Jake and WE did not notice someone elses lovey in our yard? Ohhhhh so glad it is clean and hope she wakes up happy...her room is so pretty. I love it and can't wait to see it in person!

Mom Mom said...

Now, this is truly a sleeping beauty. Doggy looks cute too.
Mom Mom