Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Bee Exhibit at Longwood

Monday, we went to Longwood Gardens to enjoy the beautiful weather. During this visit to Longwood, the girls wanted to explore some sites there that we have not seen yet. The first place we sought out was this Bee Hive Exhibit. The girls loved how close they could get to the bees. The picture below shows the Queen Bee. The Bee Keeper marked her with a Neon Green Dot on her back. Can you find her in the picture?

As the bees entered the hive through a clear plastic tube, it was amazing to see their back legs covered with Yellow, puffy pollen. Michaela really enjoyed watching first hand the Bee's work of Pollination. I was SO glad the bees were contained.

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Mom Mom said...

You girls are sweeter than honey.
Mom Mom