Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Princesses Meet Disney's Princesses!!

For me, the BEST part of Disney was the PRINCESSES!! Having 2 princesses of our own, we ALL enjoyed meeting the Disney princesses! Michaela introduced herself to every princess and excitedly told them that she was a a princess too!!! It was SO magical watching our daughters' eyes light up as they saw Cinderella's castle and the princesses in person!! Priceless for sure, and something that I will ALWAYS remember!

Here are a few shots from my FAVORITE part!!


Unknown said...

I so agree! That was one of the most memorable moments of my life seeing my littl girl so filled with imagination...I have to admit I cried and my boys also said it was one of their favorite parts of Disney too; they loved seeing how Natalie saw each princess and was speechless! We all loved that moment!

Mom Mom said...

This was such a priceless moment when the girls saw all the princesses. Michaela and Madelin were so cute saying "cheese". All the princesses got a big kick out of them. We had such a great time with the girls at Disney. They were the two prettiest princesses there. By the way, meeting Goofy was cool too.
Mom Mom