Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Madelin::Growing SO Fast!

I just had to put this picture up of Madelin! She is SUCH a CUTIE!! She is a SPIT BALL OF FIRE!!! She has a STRONG Dynamic personality and always communicates what she wants =)

She is a Monkey and climbs EVERYTHING! She is always busy doing something and getting into everything....So, I seriously have to watch her ALL the time!!

Her are some of her interests:

LOVES Books....she always brings you books to read to her and she will sit with one and "read it" to herself.

LOVES to Sing:: the ABC's are one of her favorites. She sings this song on her own up to the letter "f"

LOVES her Bear Bear and sleeps with him every night.

LOVES to put her shoes on herself.

LOVES to take out her hair bow ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of her Words:

Dink for Drink
Cookie for basically any snack
Up: I often hear her say, "Ma-ma, Up!" to tell me she wants me to pick her up.
All Done
NO: she LOVES this word! and says it with MUCH enthusiasm!
Mommom, Da-da, Pa-pa for "pappy," and she calls Michaela, "Ka-ya"
If you ask her, "How did you sleep?" She answers by saying "Good." It is SO cute!
Also, she answers your questions with a confident "Yep." We love asking her things to hear her say this!

She "talks" and jabbers ALL the time...it is really cute.

All in all, she is a Happy and Energetic person with a LOT of Passion! We love her SO much!!!

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