Thursday, July 02, 2009

FUNLAND at Rehoboth Beach!!

This was the 1st ride Michaela chose...let's just say, we didn't do it twice. She REALLY did not like it!! Thankfully, it didn't keep her from wanting to ride other rides.

This was both girls FAVORITE!! They couldn't get enough of it. We rode it a dozen times!!! At first we rode in the same parachute. Then, Michaela wanted to ride by herself, so I rode with Madelin and the girls got a kick out of waving hello and goodbye to each other as our parachutes went around and around!! It was SO fun!

Michaela on the swings!! Matt always encourages her to ride with her arms up =)

I had to really hold Madelin in!! She has NO FEAR and would've climbed right out!

We LOVE Funland and had a blast together. When we got home that night, Michaela saw some funland ride tickets in Matt's pocket and asked Matt if we could go back First thing tomorrow morning =)

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Anonymous said...

So cute, the park looks like a lot of fun. You all look good. Grandma Hamerdinger