Friday, June 12, 2009

Uncle Matthew goes to Spain

Uncle Matthew is off to Spain!!! He is visiting a "friend." He was SO excited to be able to go to Europe and we hope he has a FABULOUS time! He came over to our house yesterday to say goodbye to us. He told Michaela to look for a postcard from Spain in the mail and that he would be bringing her back a special present!! She is can't wait!!

Uncle Matthew went up to get Madelin up from her nap as shown above. She is so happy and cuddly when she wakes up. I wanted a picture of Uncle Matthew with both girls for this post. The picture of him and MJ is blurry, but oh well. It still documents this.

Matthew we LOVE you and hope you have a great time in Spain....we can't wait to hear all about it when you return!


rebecca said...

Oooo! Spain! How fun for Matthew and for Madelin & Michaela to hear all about their uncle's adventures when he returns home. These are very cute pictures of the girls!


Aunt Mary Ann said...

Have fun, Matthew! OLE !
Love these sweet moments...precious.