Thursday, June 18, 2009

To the Love of My Life-- Happy 28th Birthday!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Melissa's birthday today. She is such a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, and sister-- and we were able to celebrate her life today in multiple ways.

After sleeping in a bit this morning, Melissa received calls and texts all day from friends and family (including from her brother in Spain). Then, her parents treated us to lunch at Don Pablos. As a special treat, they brought some of Melissa's childhood photos and school projects -- which spurred on the reminiscing. Michaela loved seeing her mom's first dance recital picture and learning that Melissa used to pronounce McDonald's, "McGongolls". "Silly mommy."

We finished the evening as a family singing to Melissa and enjoying a delicious cake that Melinda made. Michaela graciously loaned the use of her Ariel candle for the cake. What a great day-- what a even greater woman.

Melissa, we love you so much. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I can't wait to celebrate your birthday even more while we spend the day together tomorrow.

Here's the birthday girl with her parents at Don Pablos. Melissa got a free Sofritto dessert, which she added to her top two favorite desserts. Yummy!

Thank you Melinda for making such a great cake. We have a bunch left if anybody wants any...


rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Melissa! I'm so glad you had such a special birthday with your family. I hope the birthday fun extends throughout the weekend for you too!

Lots of love and birthday wishes,

P.S. I love the cake. How sweet of Michaela to share her candle!!!!

Aunt Mary Ann in Vermont said...

Happy Birthday, Melissa!

I so enjoyed reading this sweet post written by Matt. How special it is to read and feel all the love he has for you. Can life get any better than this!? How blessed you are to have such wonderful parents, such a sensational husband, two beautiful daughters, a loving family and fantastic friends!

All the very best of everything this year.
Love, Aunt Mary Ann

Unknown said...

Matt! What a lovely post! It was so sweet! Thanks for including us in b-day celebrations part two!

Melissa you are a terrific person and we are so happy to have gotten to know you and your FAMILY this year!

The Cronauers