Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Flower Girl's Sweet 16 Party!!

Here are 2 photos from Cydni's Sweet 16 Party!! (remember that this was our 3rd event that Day...we went from one to the next to the next). So, the marks you see on MJ's cheek are the left over Butterfly she got at Ben's Party =)

Anyway, what a party. Gail, Cyd's Mom, had the party at Timothy's on the Riverfront in Downtown Wilmington. There was a DJ, dancing, tables for everyone to enjoy the Yummy Food, and a Photo Booth for you to take your own pictures!!! So much Fun! Our girls truly got Matt's and my Dancing Bug. They started grooving at the table as soon as the music started. Even though we are SO past High school, didn't know many of the songs, and had some out of date moves, the 4 of us still enjoyed Busting a Move on the Dance Floor!! I think some of the high schoolers didn't know what to think of Matt, MJ, Madie, and me dancing out there with them. (PS. Mom and Dad joined us on the dance floor too!!!)

I am so thankful to have parents, a husband, and 2 daughters who truly know how to have a GOOD time and ENJOY Life!!!!!

Cydni, we LOVE you and I can't believe you are turning 16!!! It seems like just yesterday I was babysitting you! You are a Beautiful Person!!

(Note: the last picture was me trying to get a shot of me and my 3 favorite females. I LOVE taking photos like this. My Mom says that I get this from my Poppop =) I remember him doing this too...Man, he SO would have LOVED digital camera's! )

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Unknown said...

That sounded like a great night! So fun that all of you danced together! Your so right in saying that you are blessed to have each other. =)