Saturday, June 27, 2009

MJ's Art

These 3 pictures were done a few weeks ago. Michaela chose a kitchen utensil to use as her paint brush!! She LOVED doing this.

Michaela brought this home from her Art class 2 weeks ago and I just LOVED it!! She expalined how they were able to pick out what pieces of clothes they wanted, had to color them, and then layout the sun, grass, clothes and clothes' line.

This is Michaela's Sun. They made this in Art class a few weeks ago. I had this sitting in my kitchen window and LOVE seeing "sunshine" anytime of day =)


Marlene said...

I love it all! MJ has a great sense of color and movement :)

Mom Mom said...

Just beautiful. I love your jelly fish picture too. What a great artist you are. I still have your orange fish in my family room.
I love you,
Mom Mom