Sunday, June 07, 2009

Celebrating our Little Dancer

Here is Michaela with her FABULOUS Dance teacher, Miss Valerie. We are SO happy to have Miss Valerie as Michaela's dance teacher. She is a GREAT example both on and off the stage for Michaela to look up to. Click here to read about Miss Valerie's Bio. She is a native Delawarean and a superb dancer who has recently moved back home and opened up her own studio to share her wonderful talent. Michaela just LOVES Miss Valerie...and we do too!!

Mommom and Pappy were waiting patiently for Michaela to come out after the show so they could give her much love and these BEAUTIFUL flowers!! Both of them just glow with love and pride over their 2 grand-daughters! They are GREAT grandparents!!

Matt had a great idea for a present for us to give to Michaela. He thought it would be special for us to start a new tradition...give her the same type of gift after each of her shows. So, since she LOVES stuffed animals, we decided to give her a stuffed Giraffe...why a Giraffe? Because that is Michaela's favorite animal (mostly because it is Mommom's favorite animal), and plus, they are tall and beautiful, just like Michaela! The giraffe was a HUGE hit with MJ! She loved it and we named her, Valerie! So, next year, she will get another giraffe from us =)

Here is Michaela with all of her tokens to show HOW PROUD we are of her! (The medal around Giraffe's neck came from Miss Valerie, and it has the name of the recital, "Elements" and the date of the recital printed on the back. The pink Dancing ribbon is from Aunt Donna and Uncle Brian! They are always so thoughtful and we LOVE them. MJ was super excited to get each of these. And the flowers were from Mom and Dad). Also, the tutu she is wearing was mine...a hint of nostalgia.

Michaela, truly demonstrated discipline and perseverance combined with grace and elegance as she was introduced to the world of dance this year. She was a JOY to watch and we are so very proud of her and love her to pieces!!!


Mom Mom said...

Michaela, you look so happy and so does Valerie the Giraffe. When you come over to spend the night, make sure she comes too.
I love you,
Mom Mom

Unknown said...

These photos were great! So jealous that you thought to get a photo with Val...priceless!