Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Beautiful Princess!!!

I really think Michaela is going to be a superb Dancer!! She truly LOVES it and comes home from dance class teaching Matt and I the dance moves that she learned...the names of the moves too!!!! She will quickly point out if we are not doing the move correctly. Most nights before bed, she asks Matt to dance with her and they enjoy a sweet dance together. Some nights, we all join in and create a dance by each of us adding a move to the sequence. The 4 (really 3 of us, since Madie is so little) can come up with quite a routine =) I just LOVE my Dancer Michaela!!!

In this picture, she is wearing a Crown that Uncle Matthew and MJ made together. (remember this post of them making it). Also, the tutu is so special! It was MINE when I was a little dancer!! Michaela thinks that this is just the coolest thing, that I wore it when I was a little girl. My Mom gave it to Michaela the last time MJ was at her house. THANKS MOM FOR GETTING THIS OUT OF MY OLD CLOTHES AND LETTING MJ ENJOY IT!!!! WHAT A SPECIAL THING FOR ME TO SEE MY DAUGHTER IN IT!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

It is so awesome that you did dance...that explains your great posture! That tutu is in perfect shape! How did your mom keep it so nice? I bet MJ will be awesome with her routine!!! I can't wait to see them DANCE...I still have no idea how I will pull this week off as the boys have swim team at the same time all is endless!

rebecca said...

Michaela looks so super cute as a ballerina. Grace loves wearing my ballet tutus from when I was a little girl too! There is something so very special about seeing our daughters wearing our dance clothes from when we were little girls. I am so glad that Michaela loves dancing so much!