Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Week, time goes so quickly!!

These are just a few shots from our relaxing evening last Friday night. We all enjoyed eating outside together. I made Chicken, rice, and grilled Veggies (mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and asparagus). This evening was just one of those "nothing special," "every day" moments that is TRULY GREAT, so I wanted to post about it =)

Madelin is playing in her house that Mommom and Pappy got her for her first Birthday!!! She LOVES it. Both girls do, which is GREAT. Michaela's favorite Backyard activity is riding her bike, with her new helmet from Pappy. The helmet lights up!! Michaela is a pro now at riding this bike.

Even though we had A LOT of yard work to do (which we did manage to get most of it done the next day), and so many other projects that probably need our attention, we said, "It all can wait, and we are going to still enjoy our backyard and have a wonderful family night." And I am SO glad that we did.

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Unknown said...

That looks like a fabulous meal and a fantastic evening! I love that you have a patio where the kids can ride scooters and bikes--how fun!