Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Night on the Town with my Bunny

We had a big weekend planned for this past weekend. Mom and Dad were going to keep the girls overnight for us so we could go camping and have a mini get-away. The weather, however, was not on our side with rain all weekend, especially at the Beach campground. So, we quickly embraced a new plan and made the best out of the situation. Mom and Dad still kept the girls for us Saturday night and we went to Delaware Park, our first time there, for a fun evening together. I had all intentions of getting our picture taken on our date, but decided to leave my purse and all in the car so I wouldn't have to keep track of it. So, these were the only pictures I took. I took these on our way to DE park, while we were filling the car up with gas. Oh well, at least I have something =)

We had a blast and found some great machines that we like to play at casinos...although, I still didn't find a Deuces Wild machine where you can double up after a time. Matt found his Double Cherry game he likes, so he was happy = ) We left the casino being up $65, so we treated ourselves to a late night dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise and enjoyed their DELICIOUS Fried pickles and mini-burgers!!! So, we had a FREE date night and still brought money can't beat that! Thanks Delaware Park...looks like we know when to quit!

It was so nice coming home together and not having to put the girls to bed and knowing that we could sleep in the next morning!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking the girls! You guys are GREAT!!


Unknown said...

Are your parents adopting? You are such a lucky gal! And the girls are so lucky as well to have such fantasic granparents!

I am twisting my mothers arm for Saturday. I hear a fun time calling my name!


Ben said...

Congrats on the free meal - and for the kudos on our mini burgers and fried pickles. Come back soon!