Saturday, May 16, 2009

Emma's 4th Birthday Party

Samantha, Emma, Michaela, and Maddie

Finding the Treasure!!

Waiting patiently to eat the Cupcakes...Yumm-o!

Michaela's friend, Emma, turned 4 and had a Pink Pirate Princess Party. We had a great time. Kate, Emma's mom, printed out "Pirate" Names for All the party guests. (Kate found a website that generates takes your name, and pirate-izes it.) Michaela had the cutest name: Pirate Michaela the Pink. The girls went on a Treasure Hunt and did a great job finding the "gold." The party was just perfect.


Mom Mom said...

You girls look so happy in these pictures. The treasure hunt must have been a blast. Glad you found the treasure....those cupcakes look delicious. You girls are growing up so quickly.
I love you,
Mom Mom

love to Michaela the Pink! said...

What beautiful little girls! Michaela, you are sweeter than all of those cupcakes! So happy that you had such a fun party.
Love, Aunt Mary Ann

Unknown said...

I wish we could have made it! I hope you gave Emma a hug from Natalie! It looked like everyone had a great time!