Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Celebrating My Mom!

I have such a wonderful Mom and am so very thankful to live so close to her!!! Her love for her family is Overflowing in all she does. She is a beautiful woman and I am blessed to have her. We all went out to dinner Sunday night to celebrate Mother's Day. You can see how much the girls truly LOVE her!!

Matt and Michaela took some time to write a special song for my Mom for Mother's Day. MJ told Matt what she wanted to talk about in the song and why she loved her Mommom!! Watch the video below to see her performance! I must warn you that Michaela's nervousness seemed to manifest itself in her being a little bouncy...oh well...one thing is for sure, she has A LOT of ENERGY =) Enjoy the video. Oh, and Mom, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rebecca said...

Bravo, bravo, bravo, Michaela!!! You certainly do have a very special Mommom and I'm sure she absolutely loved this song that you wrote just for her. This is the best kind of gift - one that comes straight from the heart. You are a very sweet little girl and I'm so happy today that you shared your beautiful song with all of us. Thank you!

Lots of love,

Aunt Mary Ann said...

I loved the sweet song! I am so happy that Mommom has her very own song. She certainly must be tickled pink and Melinda is so deserving of all special things.
Love to All of My Delaware Family.

Mom Mom said...

Dear Michaela, that is the prettiest song I have ever heard. You did such a great job coming up with the words for the song. It made me very happy. I am very glad that God has allowed me to be your Mom Mom. I love you bunches and you make me happy. Tell Madelin I heard her singing in the background and that I love her bunches too. Tell Daddy thanks for accompanying you on the guitar. Maybe you should apply to American Idol. Thanks again Peanut,
Mom Mom

Mandi said...

That is just the sweetest thing!! What a great song Michaela! Beautiful singing!!