Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt!

On Saturday, we went to my (longtime, since nursery age) friend, Faith's house for an Easter Egg Hunt. Michaela was so excited! Mom came with me and the girls so Matt could get some work done. The first picture shows some of the children eating a yummy lunch before the hunt. (MJ is sitting on the right side end and Faith's son, Shane is next to her.)

Faith gave Madelin her own little Easter basket with a book, Bunny Sippy cup, and carrots in it! How cute is Faith for doing that!! There were too many older kids there for Madelin to do the hunt...she would have been trampled. The funny thing was before the hunt started, Madelin kept finding eggs as she was walking around the house. (we had to do it inside because of the rain.) She wasn't too happy with me taking them from her and putting them back =)

Michaela found SO many eggs. She had an eye for them and was smart enough to not follow the other children, but instead to make her own way through the house on a different route...way to be Strategic are your Daddy's girl for sure!!

Seriously, I felt kinda bad (well, not too bad, actually, because she found them fair and square) that MJ found SO many. Her basket was OVERFLOWING! She was SO Proud of herself...I was too =)

Here are the girls with Mommom! This is a typical sight when Mom is around...both girls wanting to be with her =) They BOTH LOVE my Mom to pieces!!!! We enjoyed our Girl's Day Out!


Mandi said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! I had fun today hiding Easter eggs in my parents' backyard for my nieces and nephew to find! Way to go Michaela for finding so many eggs! And Madelin looks super cute in that outfit!! ;) Happy Easter!!

Love you all,

Mom Mom said...

Michaela and Madelin, Thank you for letting me come to your Easter Egg Hunt at Shane's house. I had a really good time. Mom Mom loves you a whole bunch.
Mom Mom