Monday, April 06, 2009

Party Time for Sweet Madelin!

Mommom and Madelin waiting for Madie's Birthday Guests to arrive!!

Saturday afternoon we had Madelin's 1st Birthday Party at Mommom and Pappy's house. (Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us use your home for this special event. You guys are great and we are so thankful to have you guys so close and to be so close to you both.)

Madelin's 1st Birthday Cake!
(thankfully they didn't misspell her name...which happens often.)

Our Take Home Favors for our Guests: Flower pots painted in Chalkboard Paint with flower seeds, chalk, and play-dough. Michaela and I had a great time painting and putting these together last week.


Unknown said...

I love the pots! This was such a fun party! Thanks for inviting ALL of the Cronauer crew.


rebecca said...

What a great idea to paint flower pots with chalkboard paint! Very, very cute party favors! :)