Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Egg Hunt

In our house, Matt is in charge of the Easter egg hunt. Having an Easter egg hunt is something his Dad always did for them growing up and made it extra special by having a Golden Egg to find, so Matt enjoys doing the same.

Once all the eggs were found, Michaela came right in and had to open EACH one to see what was inside. She was a trooper doing all of this with a Fever of 104, but down with Motrin. She has some Fever Virus with Aches and Pains that is going around...poor girl!

Madelin found 2 eggs outside and did not want to put them down. She enjoyed eating a jelly bean from them...her Mommom gave it to her =)

All in all, we had a great Easter egg hunt. Mom, Dad, and Matthew were all with us to watch the girls.


Unknown said...

I love these shots! My favorite is Madelin with the sunglasses. Her hair is getting long! I also love the one of Matt and the girls and then the one of your parents with the girs...OK, OK, I LOVE them all. You are all so great and we are so happy to have your WHOLE family as friends. BTW that is a great tradition with the golden egg! Remind me of that idea next year!

Unknown said...

We should entitle the one of Matt and Mike as "two guys and a gang."

Grandma Hamerdinger said...

How cute the little ones are and looks like Matt did a great job with his Easter egg hunt. I always love that, and yes his Dad did a great job hiding the eggs also. Seems like he would always hide 1 or 2 in a really hard spot.
Matt give Grandma a call. Love Grnndma in San Diego

rebecca said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Michaela was sick on Easter. I'm really hoping she is feeling much better now. What fun to have your own Easter egg hunt! This is such a fun tradition!

Marlene said...

Cute!! Your girls are so sweet :) I'm so glad you had a wonderful Easter!