Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Michaela's Cherry Tree

Another beautiful Masterpiece from our little Masterpiece!

Michaela made this beautiful cherry tree in her Art class yesterday. She really enjoyed this project and was describing it to me the entire way home. They painted their arm and hand brown to make the trunk and branches. Then on the other hand, they painted just their fingertips green to make the leaves. They made the cherries by tearing tissue paper, crumpling it up, and gluing it to the paper. Michaela was so excited to show me the "leftover" paint on her arm and hands.

Michaela told us that she wanted us to hang this picture in our room!!


Mom Mom said...

Michaela, this is the prettiest cherry tree I have ever seen. You do such a nice job making your masterpieces. I love you,
Mom Mom

rebecca said...

Michaela, I agree with your Mom Mom...this definitely is the most beautiful cherry tree I have ever seen too. What a fun project.

Lots of Love,