Monday, April 06, 2009

Madelin's Party Craft!

The "older" children, (aka MJ and her friends) enjoyed making a wonderful Craft: Beautiful Flowers that last forever!!! With Spring arriving, I knew that we were doing the Flower Pots and seeds for the Take Home Favor, but Mom and I were having a difficult time finding a Craft that we liked for the kids to do. That is, until Madelin received in the mail, 2 beautiful Paper Flowers from her cousins, Grace and Jack. Thank you guys! As soon as we saw them, I knew we had found the perfect craft for Madelin's First Birthday Party!! (P.S.: Rebecca, Grace, and Jack, I brought your flowers to the party and set them on our craft table to serve as our inspiration as the children made their flowers! You can see the back of your flowers in this top picture!! We just LOVE them and had to make more to give out and put around our house.)

They were a BLAST to make. It was a family event for sure. Michaela did a Super job painting sheets of paper a variety of Bright Spring colors for us to use for the petals. We dusted them with glitter. Daddy drew the petal templates and helped Mommy cut them all out. At first, Matt said, "Oh, I can't help with this, because I don't do Glitter." I looked at him with a confused look on my face and said, "You have 2 daughters! You DO Glitter!" He just smiled and started cutting, getting glitter all over the place =)

I just LOVE this picture because it shows so many party guests getting involved in the craft! The best part is there are several Dads and even 1 Pappy around the table helping out!!

Here are a few of the finished flowers! We were able to put them in the pots for the children to take home. Overall, it was a great time and great project!!


Unknown said...

This was a great idea. Your cousin is so creative! Natalie loved making the project!

rebecca said...

I am SO glad that you all had such a great time making the flowers! It's such a great Spring project. Grace got a big kick out of looking at these pictures and I got a good laugh out of the whole glitter story. Sorry to say this but I think Matt is in for a lifetime of glitter! Madelin's first birthday party looked like so much fun. How we wish we could have been there too.

Lots of love,