Thursday, April 23, 2009

Battery Park with Uncle Matthew

The girls LOVE hanging out with Uncle Matthew. This past Tuesday, we met Matthew at Battery Park in Old New Castle for us to walk along the water and then let the girls play at the playground.

What a Beautiful day! I love my Daughters! I love my Brother! And, I love Battery Park...I have been going there since I was a little girl!

Some of my Memories from Battery Park -

-Elementary class trips to the Park for Field Day and such.
-My Mom would bring Matthew and I there in the summer for us to meet my Dad there for lunch when he was in School Administration.
-In High school, Playing Tennis there with Faith...trying to play. We wanted to be Tennis players so badly, but it so wasn't for us!
- In High School, running along the water there with so many friends...Faith and Bryan mostly.
- Walking to Wassams from the park to get some Italian Water Ice!!
- Many High School dates there!
- Matt and I had our Rehearsal Dinner there at Arsenal on the Green

And now I am bringing my children there to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unknown said...

Mike and I will have to head there one day...don't think we have been. Sounds lovely! Thanks for walking today, we had a great time.