Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We are so excited that Spring is almost here! I just took the girls out in our Backyard for about 15 minutes and they LOVED it. Michaela REALLY enjoyed our Backyard last year and I know she will enjoy it even more this year. Today was Madelin's first time walking around outside and really getting to explore since she is so mobile. (She is walking everywhere...it is her main mode of transportation.) Madelin wanted to walk every inch of the yard. She did not like the feel of the grass on her hands. When she would fall, she would reach up to me, give a little fake cry with a disgusted look on her face until I was her support to stand her back up. (When we are inside, she is able to use the ground to stand up from sitting down.) Both girls protested when I said it was time to go in....Great, now it is 2 against 1 =) But, I was firm and didn't budge. So we went in because I didn't want to push it, since I am still getting better from being sick on Sunday and Monday.

Anyway, once the weather is nice, we will be out back a lot and loving it. So, Matt and I will need to really keep up with the yard work...(not our strong point). I will need to have LOTS and LOTS of sunscreen on hand to lather us up. Also, I will probably create a Basket of some sorts with all my supplies to take outside to keep me from running in and out all the time. And with this ready, it will make going outside less of a process, because all I need will be in one spot and I can grab and go! Items for my Basket from what I can think of now: Sunscreen (you can never have enough of this), sunglasses for all, hats for all, sippy cups, snacks, wet wipes...that is all I can think of for now.

So, we are impatiently waiting for Spring!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa. What a great idea to have a basket of outdoor supplies handy! I think I'll try that too. It will make going outside much easier. Hooray for the sunscreen too!!!

Keep enjoying the warm weather and continue having lots of fun outside.