Monday, March 02, 2009

Our Snow Day

Last night we went to bed watching the snow fall from the sky. We woke up this morning to our yard covered in fluffy snow. Mommom and Pappy had a snow day from school, so they came over around 4:00 pm and we all went outside to enjoy the snow. This was Michaela's first time really being able to play in snow and Madelin's first Real snow!!

Given that we don't get much snow, our Snow gear for the girls was kinda lacking, but we made do! Madelin had on so many layers and we put MJ's old 2T winter coat on her that the poor girl was Top heavy and couldn't even stay was very funny. Michaela will only wear dresses, so getting her to even put on pants for this playtime was a challenge. However we (mostly Mommom) managed this. Michaela's top half was great. The bottom half was not so snow proof, specifically her shoes. So, Matt tied plastic bags around her Princess sparkle shoes that she has in every color and wears all the time. In order to make the "ugly" bags (as MJ called them) acceptable, we put beautiful Pink socks on top so the bags were covered =) I think we spent more time getting ready to go out in the snow than we actually stayed outside. Oh well, we still had a blast.

Michaela LOVED Pappy pulling her in the sled and making Snow angels were so much fun. You know you have AWESOME grandparents (and parents to me) when they lay down in the snow and make Snow Angels with their Granddaughter. Mom and Dad, you guys are the BEST!!!! Enjoy these videos of the Snow Fun!!


Anonymous said...

Today was the best snow day I have ever time I will remember to wear two pairs of pants. I never thought I would be making a snow angel. Michaela is the cutest snow angel I have ever seen. While we were dressing Madelin I kept thinking of the little brother in the Christmas Story. His mom had him so bundled that he could not put his arms down. Madelin was almost like that. But we all had a great time. I loved the day off and being with my girls but I am also thankful that we do not get a lot of this fluffy stuff. It is too too cold for me. I am ready for spring.
Love you girls,
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

FUN, pictures, videos and post!
We are out doing these kind of activities in November up here in Vermont! I am so happy that there was a Snow Day to enjoy with all of your family. Those Grandparents make the best snow angels!
Love, Aunt Mary Ann (we'll STILL be making snow angels at Easter this year, up here :)