Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Michaela's Bird Nest :: Tweet, Tweet!

What a Great Project!! Michaela was so excited to show me her Bird's Nest today when I picked her up from her Gymboree Art class. I just LOVED it and LOVED knowing that MJ made it. To make the nest, they Shredded up the Shredded Wheat. Michaela had to mold each egg and then mix her paint colors to get the perfect shade of blue that she wanted and then paint the eggs. Next, she had to glue the little yellow Bird onto the top of her eggs!

We decided to make her nest our new centerpiece on our Kitchen table, so we will enjoy looking at this Beautiful reminder of Spring throughout our day.

Oh, and when she handed me her nest, she insisted that we "Tweet," in a high pitched voice, just like the birds do!!! I just love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Way to go MJ! I love that color blue...she'll have to tell Natalie all about her project and make the tweet tweet sound to her! =)

Mom Mom said...

Michaela, this is just beautiful. I love the shade of blue you picked out. You did a great job on your bird nest and egg. I just love it and you too.
Mom Mom

rebecca said...

Hi Michaela. What a fun and creative way to make a bird's nest! We have Grace's nest in the center of our table too. It's so nice to look at and it helps to remind us that Spring is right around the corner (or so we hope!).

Tweet, tweet!