Monday, March 09, 2009

Michaela June

After breakfast every morning, we do a "school" activity together at the table. Madelin is content to sit in her high chair playing with toys, and Michaela and I usually do a worksheet out of one of her School workbooks. This morning however, Michaela asked if we could do Play-doh. It sounded fun to me, so that is what we did. She had a blast making Play-doh spaghetti and then using them to create letters. She made several letters and then I asked her if she could make a word from the letters. She created the word, "Hi," and I created the word, "Hat." When I was putting the word, "Hat" together I asked her to read what I was making and she easily answered, "Hat!"

Michaela is really doing well with Reading. She can spell several words when asked. (Cat, Dog, Mom, Dad, Michaela, Hi, those are all I can think of for sure that she really knows.) She can read simple starter books by sounding out the words. (I will have to post a video of her reading one of these.) She knows several Sight words from Flash cards that we do: (Dog, Cat, Ear, Nose, Mouth, Giraffe, Tongue, Tiger, Hi, Wave, Elephant, Chimpanzee, Point, Arms Up, Clap, Smiling, Toes, Bucket, Blanket, Diaper, Baby, Keys,). The best part is that she really enjoys "reading" and learning.

Michaela, I am so proud of you. You are one smart girl. I hope that you are always a Reader!


Marlene said...

How great! Viggo was ready for reading long before now but I felt at a loss as to how to approach it. Then a friend sent me this book, "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" by Siegfried Engelmann. WOW! It has been great for us; In just a couple months Viggo went from reading very basic stuff to reading short stories. It has been a great tool for us :)

Anonymous said...

Great job Michaela, you are so smart and cute too. I know how much you love your books. You are always asking Mom Mom to read to you. I am so excited because there is nothing better than a good book. Keep up the good work MJ. I love you,
Mom Mom

Chad and Lisa said...

Your girls are adorable. It is fun seeing your family and reading how you all are doing. Blessings!