Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Madelin's BirthDAY Activities

For Madelin's BirthDAY, we went to Lancaster, PA! We thought this would be the BEST way to celebrate since that was where we were planning to go last year, on the exact day she was born. Plus, the weather was GORGEOUS and we LOVE going there. We enjoy a yummy lunch at CiCi's Pizza and let the girls play at a local playground up there. We all had a BLAST!!!

I just love this picture of our girls. Michaela was giving Madelin a Birthday Kiss. Michaela has been so excited for Madelin's Birthday. She had a great time shopping with Mommom to pick out the best birthday present for her Baby Sister. Tomorrow, she is going to help me pick out and prepare things for Madelin's party on Saturday!!

Madelin thought she was BIG stuff all day. We switched her over to her new car seat, so now she gets to sit in a High Chair when we go out. She LOVED it! She also enjoyed hearing so many people call and sing Happy Birthday to her...she just smiled and giggled while listening to them sing. Once, she even passed the phone to MJ to let her hear the funny song on the other end.

We had a great day together and can't believe that a whole year has gone by.


Unknown said...

I just love her expression in all of these photos...she does look so proud of herself! She is just so stinkin' CUTE!

I also love the photo of her and Michaela. They are so sweet! What a special day you had...and we can't wait to sing to Madelin!

rebecca said...

I can't believe a whole year has gone by too. Wow, that was a fast one!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed your special day together to celebrate Madelin's birthday. Your girls are so sweet ~ I love the birthday kiss. :)

Lots of Love,