Friday, March 27, 2009


As is our Tradition...this is Madelin's Birthday Minute Picture at exactly 11:05 AM

I just wanted to post these pictures of our 1st Birthday girl real quick. We are off to celebrate Madelin's special day. I will post more about our day later.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday #1
Aunt Judy Loves you
Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Hey Madelin, how does it feel to be one. I can see that you are ready to be a big girl cuz you have your comb in your hand. Too cute, happy birthday,
I love you,
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Madelin. Wow, you're one! We Love You Very Much. Have a fun celebration. We can't wait to see more pictures, pretty girl.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Madelin. You are such a pretty birthay girl!

Melissa, you have started a very special tradition with Michaela and Madelin. How your girls will treasure all of their birthday photos at the exact time they were born some day! I'm sure this birthday tradition will be passed down for many, many generations to come. Did your parents take your picture on the time you were born too?

Have a wonderful birthday celebration today. I can't wait to see lots more pictures!


Marlene said...

What a wonderful tradition! I love the minute birthday photo idea :) She is so precious! Happy birthday, Madelin!

Our Adoption Journey said...

I cant believe how fast she has grown up! Madelin is adorable! Happy 1st Birthday!

Joy Cronauer said...

That is such a great tradition!!! I LOVE Madelin's outfit! I also can not believe she is keeping the bow in! Your girls always look so neat and pretty!