Thursday, March 12, 2009

Art Projects

Two weeks ago, Michaela made this School Bus in her Art Class at Gymboree. She did a SUPER job assembling all the pieces and following the teacher's directions. (Note: this was the point of the project, to help the children with their listening skills and step by step directions to assemble something.)

Below are 3 pictures that Mommom, Pappy, and MJ made one Sunday when Michaela went over to their house to play. She LOVES going over there and having Mommom and Pappy time! The 3 of them each made one of these pictures using lots of colorful see shells. Michaela is blessed to have Grandparents that take an active role in her life and in interacting with her when they are together!

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Anonymous said...

Any one wanting to buy one of these hand crafted shell creations can do so. Get them fast they won't last long.....ha ha. We had such a good time that day. We even made cupcakes for MJ to take to her Sun. night kids' program at church.
Mom Mom